About Us

Brandon was born with a God given musical talent and a unique ear for music. He started playing music in church when he was 12 years old . He is now 40 years old and he is STILL playing and enjoying every second of it!

He has always loved most genres of music, however when he was introduced to music by Hank Williams, Jr., Leonard Skynyrd, Outlaw Country and Classic Rock, his eyes and ears were opened to something new. His love for music only grows day by day. He is his own worst critic, and he is always challenging himself to do better and be a better singer and musician. 

I, Stehanie have the privilege of being Brandon's wife and doing day to day life with him. I am the one working behind the scenes and he is the talented singer and musician for sure. Together we have many years of experience providing good Quality Entertainment when it comes to Music- Live Performances, Dj Services, Lighting, Weddings, Private Events, Album Recording and Guitar building or repair. No matter what we are doing we are a Team and together we make up Rockstar Records.

Brandon & Stephanie Hammonds